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Draper Mountain Doodles 1 year Health Guarantee

2 Year Guarantee Hips

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HOLDING FEE/DEPOSIT: All holding fees/deposits are non-refundable, but can be transferred to another available puppy of buyer's choice. If said puppy dies or is found to have a physical defect making it unfit for adoption, prior to being transferred to buyer, the holding fee will either be refunded or transferred to another puppy of equal or lesser value (determined by seller) unless Buyer prefers to pay the difference for a more valuable puppy. Refunds will only be made immediately after determining the original puppy unfit; if the buyer chooses to transfer funds no refund will be made. Buyer may transfer to another puppy in the same litter or a puppy in the next available litter of the same breed. The holding fee is credited toward the adoption price.

Buyers Responsibilities: Your puppy will be given vaccinations that were delivered in a cold pack then immediately placed in a refrigerator for storage until administered per manufacturer's instructions. The coordinating label is placed on your puppy’s health record at time of vaccination. All vaccinations are NOT created equal. Therefore, you or your veterinarian may find a different schedule was used according to our manufacturer's guidelines. All our puppies have completed all the age appropriate vaccinations at time of delivery. It is the buyer's responsibility to set up an ongoing vaccination schedule with their vet. Seller is not responsible for any illness the Buyer's puppy or previous pets may acquire from each other or other animals they may come in contact with while in Buyer's care.

An OFA Hip X-ray must be taken between the ages of 24-25 months. If hips are found to be dysplastic, the owner must contact the seller before the puppy reaches 26 months old. If this dog is found to show clinical signs of lameness and is then assessed by the OFA to be dysplastic (moderate and severe), a replacement puppy will be made for the same or less value of puppy (unless Buyer prefers to pay the difference for a more valuable puppy), at the Seller’s convenience. However, Buyer must return the original puppy along with a copy of the OFA assessment, the dog’s original AKC registration papers, immunization papers and all other original material given with the puppy. All expenses are at Buyer's expense including the licensed veterinarian tests, professional diagnosis, as well as the return shipping and shipping of the replacement puppy.

HEALTH & NUTRITION: Buyer agrees to keep the dog in good physical condition with regularly scheduled vaccinations, wormings, flea, tick and heartworm prevention and to provide proper shelter, exercise, freshwater and dog food. Buyer agrees to maintain the puppy on quality dog food like Life's Abundance, to ensure proper health, growth, and the overall well-being of the puppy. We feel very strongly about keeping your puppy as healthy as possible and we feel that providing a premium, holistic dog food is imperative to your dog’s nutritional health and long-life because so many dogs and cats are acquiring serious life-threatening health risks through poor diet and vitamin deficiency. We believe that these products provide the optimum nutritional benefits ensuring good health and longevity for the dog.

GUARANTEES: Seller will make every effort to ensure that puppy is healthy at time of transfer. We will not allow your puppy to leave until we are sure the puppy is ready for the trip to your home, has passed a licensed veterinary health exam, is free from any illness, and is eating well on its own. Your puppy MUST be examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of arrival to your home to validate this guarantee. Should your veterinarian find your puppy to be unfit for sale at this initial examination, it will be replaced with another puppy, provided the original puppy is returned with a written statement from your veterinarian stating the nature of their findings. The replacement puppy will either be from the same litter, if available, or from the next litter of the same breed. Buyer must notify the seller of veterinarian findings that could result in a replacement puppy within one week of purchase. If said findings are countered and proved untrue by our veterinarian buyer can either accept the original puppy back at own cost or relinquish all claims to said puppy or any other puppy from Draper Mountain Doodles. It is the buyer's responsibility to return said puppy along with all papers and package content. Buyer will be responsible for all shipping on return and replacement puppies. THE SELLER SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MEDICAL EXPENSES THE BUYER HAS INCURRED.

If Buyer complies with all of the terms contained within this agreement, then Seller warrants the health of the puppy for the first year of life against genetic hereditary life-threatening genetic defects involving the heart, liver and kidneys. Life threatening is defined as "a genetic abnormality/disorder that will eventually cause the early death of the dog with life expectancy of less than 5 years either by the progression of the disease or by recommended euthanasia unless extensive medical care and surgery are performed beyond the cost of said puppy. Guarantee is for the first year of life only, and all claims must be submitted before the puppy's second birthday. If during this time frame, a replacement puppy is deemed necessary due to an identified genetic life-threatening defect, the replacement will be made for the same or less value of puppy, unless Buyer prefers to pay the difference for a more valuable puppy. However, Buyer must return the original puppy along with all registration papers, immunization papers, microchip registration papers, etc. In the unlikely event that a death occurs, a necropsy must be performed by a licensed veterinarian and a copy of the report forwarded to Seller for review by Seller's veterinarian before determining if a replacement is to be made. If our veterinarian concurs that the puppy did indeed pass away due a genetic defect, we will replace your puppy as soon as one is available. All expenses are at Buyer's expense including the licensed veterinarian tests, professional diagnosis and necropsy, if applicable, as well as the return shipping and shipping of the replacement puppy. If the puppy becomes ill and the owner has the puppy euthanized without our prior consent, no replacement will be made. If the Buyer declines the replacement puppy, then Seller shall be under no further obligation and it will be deemed that the Buyer has released the Seller from any and all further claims, obligations or duty on this agreement. Again, SELLER SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MEDICAL EXPENSES OR OTHER COSTS THAT BUYER HAS INCURRED.

This guarantee does NOT cover any costs associated with spaying or neutering, nor does it cover injury or death from any routine surgical procedure. Further, this guarantee does not cover any of the following conditions or minor flaws: coccidiosis, giardia, hypoglycemia, kennel cough, pneumonia, ear mites, ear infections, skin mites, mange (sarcoptic demodectic or cheyletiella), cherry eye or any other non life-threatening eye, skin, or tissue issues, allergies, over or under bites, herniations, a non life-threatening open fontanel, non life-threatening bone or joint disorders such as but not limited to luxating patellas and heart murmurs that are not life threatening. Seller cannot guarantee your puppy against any illness or opportunistic parasite brought on by stress of moving (to Buyer's home), shipping, or motion sickness brought on by being transported. This stress can result in illnesses or opportunistic parasites such as: giardia, hypoglycemia (low sugar shock), coccidia (dormant in most live animals), kennel cough, etc... Seller does not guarantee the puppy to be free of worms as this is an ongoing process. All puppies are treated regularly according to our veterinarian's guidelines and worming will become the Buyer's responsibility once the puppy is in their care. These are easily and economically treated and should they occur SELLER SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MEDICAL EXPENSES OR OTHER COSTS THE BUYER HAS INCURRED.

Sellers cannot guarantee size, color, temperament or fertility (including presence of testicles) of any puppy. Seller cannot guarantee size or conformation and does not imply or intend to imply any potential and/or prospect of show quality of any puppy. In addition, Seller cannot guarantee that declaws will not re-grow and will not be responsible for any vet charges the Buyer may incur in removing dew claws.

FIRST RIGHT OF REFUSAL: Buyer agrees that the puppy will never be sold, leased or given to any pet shop, animal shelter, rescue, research laboratory or other similar facility. In the event Buyer decides they can no longer care for the dog, wishes to sell, transfer ownership, give the puppy/dog away, the Buyer agrees to notify Seller immediately and Seller is to be given the "FIRST RIGHT" of refusal. If Seller exercises this right, ownership shall be legally transferred to Seller and once Seller has found an appropriate home for the dog, half of what it is resold for will be returned to Buyer. All registration papers, immunization papers, microchip registration papers, etc. must be returned with the puppy and cost of shipping shall be at Buyer's expense.

MISCELLANEOUS: Both parties agree that they will not disparage or denigrate each other orally, electronically, or in writing. Should Buyer make online derogatory claims. Buyer agrees to pay all fees to have negative remarks and claims removed from the world wide web. Buyer shall also be responsible for any costs should Seller need to enforce removal, including necessary attorney fees, court costs, and fees to the online company to remove the complaint. Any pictures taken by the Seller are of a professional quality and shall not be altered by the Buyer. Buyer also does not have permission to use these photos to sell puppy to a third party.

**Sellers have the right at any time to stop breeding activities. In this case, no replacement puppies will be given and this contract is null and void, no cash refunds will be given for any reason.



This agreement is made to protect both purchaser and seller. We will do all we can to ensure you receive a healthy happy puppy.

I, the Buyer of a puppy from Draper Mountain Doodles, hereby acknowledge that I have received a copy of this contract and acknowledge by signing below, that I have read, understand and agree to the terms of this contract in its entirety.

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